Rafal Gruszczynski

Hello and welcome.

This site is intended to bring some important news about me and my family.

The section on the right contains the latest news.

On the left side you can find links to some of the photos I consider the most important for me recently.

The updates are not going to be regular, but please, have a look from time to time.

                                           Last update: 10 May 2011


July 2011 - new personal best in swimming, 100 pool lengths (2.5km), brass stroke, 1h00min09sec

June 2011 - I passed the exam for 6th Kyu in Aikido.

March 2011 - Robert has earned his 12 kyu in Aikido.

October 2010 - ran Biegnij Warszawa (10km) (54min)

Sep 2010 - ran Warsaw Marathon (4h44min).

29 July 2009 - new personal best in  bench press - 120kg.